Rail Car Pullers info Incline Chart for winches

Please take in the formulas below.  It will help you calculate how much capacity you will need to move or life machinery for your project.  Especially rail car pullers.  This information will help you k New Capstans for review.  Please call 1-800-968-9002 for more information.

know how much capacity you will need for each rail car you a moving, how much incline you have and how to order accordingly, take a look at the chart below.


Capstan Winches to review  AC, Hydraulic and DC powered capstans for rail cars and mooring use.

100 fpm Air Powered Capstan

More new capstans for review.

Capstan winch/hoist
Capstan winch/hoist
AC powered Capstan
AC powered Capstan




Horsepower (HP)
Common unit of mechanical power, one HP is the rate of work required to raise 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute.



Formula to calculate how much capacity/ pull you need per rail car !

One Imperial Horsepower Equals
• 33,000 foot pounds per minute.
• 36 inch pounds torque at 1750 RPM.
• .746 Kilowatts.
• 1.014 Metric Horsepower. (PS)
• 42.4 BTU per Minute.

Torque (T)
Torque is a twisting force. Torque causes rotation of a shaft, or it will set up a twist in a stationary shaft. It is generally expressed in foot pounds or in inch pounds. Torque is measured by the load or pull and by the distance of the pull from the center of a shaft.

Calculation Examples
A cable wrapped around a 6″ dia. drum must lift a 2500 pound weight. The drum rotates at 30 RPM.

To Calculate HP: TNmechanical32

To Calculate T: TNmechanical43

INCLINE CHART  This shows what influence even a slight incline can do to the capacity of a winch.

Calculate your incline before you decide on a winch.
Calculate your incline before you decide on a winch.




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