Capstan / Cathead Winches and Hoists – New and Used

AC powered Capstan
22,000 lb capacity AC powered Capstan winch.  Can be used as a rail car puller as well. AC powered



Utility Capstan AC powered or DC powered pole mount
Utility Capstan AC powered or DC powered pole mount

30,000 lb AC Powered Capstan 100 fpm speed

Can be ordered as a DC powered or air powered.

 For more information please contact:  1-800-968-9002

can be ordered as a DC powered capstan
can be ordered as a DC powered equipment


Rail Car Pullers and High Tower work  winches and hoists.


100 fpm Air Powered Capstan

3000 lb AC powered capstan hoistTower Capstans

Vertical capstan winches are commonly used to pull rail cars

 each vertical drum  features high starting torque to enable an initial load pulling capacity double the rated capacity.

Applications: Horizontal

  • Trailer off-loading/pallet pulling
  • Oil skimmer pontoon boat positioning
  • Web threading through processing machinery
  • Overhead cable and line stringing
  • Furnace and spray booth cart pulling
  • Pump, motor and blower lifting
  • Tower and Antenna installation and service
  • Transformer lifting

Applications: Vertical

  • Rail car positioning along sidings
  • Marine vessel mooring assistance and line recovery
  • Dredging and work barge load handling
  • Cart shuttling
  • Cable tensioning


Used Capstanvertical railcar puller

5 HP Electric. dual voltage.

12,000 pounds maximum line pull (starting pull)

6,000 pounds running line pull at 17 feet per minute.

Used, reconditioned, 2007 year model with low hours and clean oil.


High-starting-torque, 3-phase motors are available in all standard voltages at 50 and 60 Hz.

These motors are suited to railcar pulling where momentary overloads occur when a railcar is started in motion. Single phase motors at 115/230 volts at 50 or 60 Hz are available as an option on some models.



Swivel base truck mount for tower capstan
Swivel base truck mount for tower capstan
Tower Capstan
Tower Capstan


Capstan ropelock for tower capstans
ropelock for tower capstans

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