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Classic Ingersoll Rand Air winches, new and refurbished

Air Powered Winches

Air Powered Winches are capable of providing great lifting and pulling power, without the hazard of a burned out motor.

  They are ideal for tensioning applications and are also suitable in situations requiring precise load spotting abilities. 

Air powered winches have the advantage of being able to perform in all types of environments involving extreme heat, cold, dust, wet, and explosive surroundings.  They also have an unlimited duty cycle.  

1. Enclosed construction keeps out dirt and dust and seals in oil and grease for complete lubrication of all moving parts 2. Ball and roller bearings = reduced friction 3. Reliable band type brake securely holds rated load 4. Disengaging clutch allows free wheeling of rope drum for hand unwinding; standard on most models 5. Powerful radial piston air motor for positive starting with precise control 6. Self-closing throttle shuts off automatically when released, providing well-graduated control for spotting loads 7. Reversible motor allows full control of load by throttle when lifting, lowering and pulling 8. Throttle valve is designed to eliminate air leakage when the winch is idle



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Tall Flange 42 inch drum Air Tugger Winch. Line pull in 32,000 lbs first wrap and 16,000 lb Mid drum. Winch has be rebuilt and is in excellent condition

FA 2.5i pic 2 copy with emailUsed Ingersoll Rand ManriderTA2 Thern Air Winch lift 6900 lbsThern TA1 WinchTA2 Thern Air 3 Sans 1000 lb capacity air winch copy larger pic K6UL 5 copy 2014 Ingersoll Rand K6ULJoy 8000 lb winch copy

K6UL (398x306) (2) HU Ingersoll Rand

Used air winch, completely refurbished, includes a one year warranty

HUL-40 4000 lb cap winch 3 pic1-800-968-9002

Excellent condition, call for more pictures
1-800-968-9002 Excellent condition, call for more pictures

FA 7 IR winch 1 1000 lb capacity BeBe air winch 2 copy

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Call Today!

Main Office:1-800-968-9002
or 757-961-4405



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